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We provide a platform for minorities and women with military backgrounds to publish their stories, insights and life experiences.

Shelina Frey and Shon
Shelina Frey, USAF, CMSgt, Retired
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CMSAF 14 - Gerald Murray
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Manny Pineiro, USAF, CMSgt, Retired

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Leadership is About Behavior

“Leadership Is About Behavior, Not Titles” teaches leaders worldwide how to apply AIR: action, impact, and results. This model addresses the four leadership challenges: (1) Context, (2) Application, (3) Workplace Culture and (4) Measurable Results to create successful leaders in any environment.

This book is an inspirational leadership tool. By embracing the traits presented in this book, you position yourself to provide your team with world-class dedication, unfaltering respect and honesty, and remarkable authenticity.

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Meet the President of Barnwell Publishing

About Shon Barnwell

CMSgt (retired) Shon Barnwell served in the United States Air Force for 25 years. She’s an expert in project management, logistics, process improvement, on-demand training and consulting.

Shon served in numerous leadership positions at the squadron, group, wing, numbered Air Force, and major command levels. She deployed in support of Operation Southern Watch in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq, and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

During her tours of duty at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia she was responsible for morale, welfare, resiliency, retention, recruitment, and readiness at the 78th Force Support Squadron and Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command.

Shon rose to the rank of Chief Master Sergeant – a rank that constitutes only one percent of enlisted personnel. She retired from the Air Force in 2014.

Shon Barnwell - President of Barnwell Publishing

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15 Apr 2021 – Book Launch | Online Pre-Orders

28-30 Apr 2021 – The Exchange, Robins AFB, GA

1-2 May 2021 – The Exchange, Robins AFB, GA

16 May 2021 – Workshop – Dr. Tanya Swygert Single Ladies Group, GA

21 May 2021 – REACH Program (CGTC) Book & Prize Drop

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8 Jun 2021 – Team Robins Superintendent Course, Robins AFB, GA

11 Jun 2021 – Shoutout Atlanta Feature

17 Jun 2021 – Unlocked Interview with Skot Waldron | Unlocking Leadership  

19 Jul 2021 – SNCO Professional Enhancement Course, Robins AFG, GA

24-29 Jul 2021 – Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) 2021 Professional Education and Development Symposium (PEDS), Orlando, FL |  AFSA PEDS KeyNote

28 Aug 2021 – Book Signing Event, Best Western Plus Executive Residency Rigby’s Water World Hotel, Warner Robins, GA

12 Oct 2021 – Presentation – Houston-Peach County AAUW

17 Nov 2021 – Became a Bookbaby Publishing Partner | Bookbaby Publishing Partner

19 Nov 2021 – PitchFest Viscardi Center (NCDE) Judge | PitchFest 2021 – The Viscardi Center

20 Nov 2021 – Women Veterans Alliance 2021 Holiday Gift Guide Feature | WVA Holiday Gift Guide

6 Jan 2022 – Professional Reading List, Resilience-Building Leadership Profession – Trainers — RBLP-T Certified Authors

11 Jan 2022 – Guest Speaker, Defense Intelligence Agency, Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. Observance Day event

17 Jan 2022 – Robins Air Force Base, GA Exchange Mall Book Signing

9 Mar 2022 – Fort Valley State University Career & Graduate Expo

16 Mar 2022 – Women Veterans Alliance Webinar | Register at WVA Webinar – “Leadership Is About Behavior”

7 April 2022 – Guest Speaker, Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command, Force Generation Center, Robins Air Force Base, GA

7-11 Aug 2022 – AFSA International Convention & Family Reunion, Las Vegas, NV | AFSA Int’l Convention

15-19 Aug 2022 – Blacks In Government 43rd Annual National Training Institute, Cleveland, OH | BIG 2022 NTI

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AF Sergeants Association Keynote Address - 27 July 2021

In our discussions about leadership – emotional intelligence, humility and accountability are behaviors that must be addressed!

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As a recent guest speaker at the AFSA Professional Development & Education Symposium, Ms. Barnwell shared words on resiliency and a tough talk regarding bullying in the workforce that touched everyone in the room. She encouraged everyone to speak their truth and come together for true conversations to affect a change. I applaud her strength in sharing her story and encouraging others to do so as well. I highly encourage any corporation to invite Shon to speak and share her story. She displays hope, kindness, optimism, and strength in her speaking engagements, and if you have the pleasure to work with her — you won’t find a kinder person on the planet! It was a pleasure to meet Shon, and I look forward to working together again in the future!
Communications, Marketing, and Business Center Director
Air Force Sergeants Association
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Honored and humbled to serve as the Guest Speaker during the DIA’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Observance!

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If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison

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