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Leadership Is About Behavior, Not Titles teaches leaders worldwide how to apply AIR: action, impact, and results. This model addresses four leadership challenges: (1) Context, (2) Application, (3) Workplace Culture and (4) Measurable Results to create successful leaders in any environment.

Shon Barnwell’s new book, Leadership Is About Behavior, Not Titles: Insightful Traits for Action, Impact, and Results, provides impactful stories, concepts, and activities designed to develop and enhance critical leadership traits. This is the book every person wished they had before starting their first job, graduating from college, transitioning from co-worker to boss, or leading a new company. Leadership Is About Behavior, Not Titles allows you to apply newly gained knowledge instantly! This book is an excellent resource for professional development programs, mentoring sessions, roundtable discussions, workshops, professional reading lists, book clubs, growth and development initiatives, and emerging leader training, to name a few applications.

“When I think of leadership, I think of integrity. I think of someone who is a loyal friend and trusted ally. I also think of someone who is willing to invest in their people. But most importantly, I think of authenticity. Someone who keeps it real and never forgets where they came from. All of these wonderful aspects and characteristics sum up Shon Barnwell. A fellow Chief, a fellow Airman, and most importantly, a great friend!”

Chief Master Sergeant Manny Piñeiro, USAF, Retired, Headquarters Air Force, First Sergeant Special Duty Manager, “Diamond 1”, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

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ISBN: 978-1-7356930-0-2 | Paperback Book

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